Have you ever felt that your mother is your biggest enemy?

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Have you ever felt that your mother is your biggest enemy??

Ik, few people will come and say, you are not a good daughter that’s why you are blaming her. It’s okay, your points of view are most welcome.

I am living outside since 12yrs because of education.

In 12yrs, she never stayed with me, because she had to cook food for my 2 brothers.

She washes their clothes even under*.

I had so many obstacles while living outside, shifting room, diagnosed with rare bleeding disorder.

At the time of fracture, she came and back in just one day by saying there is no one to cook for them.

And she is so proud that her sons don’t know how to cook, she is so proud that they need her.

I am first doctor in my family, but she is not proud of me.

She always praises my brother, no exception always.

How much I do for them, she never counts.

Idk how to deal with this partial behaviour of her.

You can’t change anyone dear. You can change one thing. You can give your child ( boy or girl) the life you wanted from your parents. That’s how garbage of generations can be discarded. Nobody is permanent in others life. Your mom wont be the same priority in your brothers life one-day. Let her think what she thinks. You do your duty towards your parents and ignore rest. Your mind will be at Peace. Doesn’t hope anything

Not all mothers deserve to be parents, but all children deserve to have good parents

There is no way u can change ur mother, all u can do is work hard towards ur future and build ur own family that will love u unconditionally

Most mothers were forced to be mothers than being given a choice. She may believe if she doesn’t serve ur brothers, her society or neighbours or husband might shame her for it. She may believe there is nothing to gain with u other than getting u married 🥺

A woman being a doctor doesn’t even mean anything to alot of patients sadly

I hope u can find the courage the build a better family

Remember! Just because someone is related to u by blood, doesn’t mean they r meant to be family

Good Luck