Have you started your MARROWTHON?

Have you started your MARROWTHON?

sir will custom modules counted into this marathon?

what about the people who finished 80% of modules how can they continue sir?

reset in setting

" Time Is Really The Only Capital That Any Human Being Has, And The Only Thing He Can’t Afford To Lose. " - Thomas Edison

" Ordinary People Think Merely Of Spending Time .,Great People Think Of Using It." - Arthur Schopenhauer

To Avoid Fatigue And To Keep Your Study Motivation, Micromanage Your Time Into Various Slots For Different Types Of Learning.

For Example, By Moving To Solve Neurology Modules After Nephrology, Which Is An Intrinsically, And Some Would Argue A Radically Different Topic. You Are Much More Likely To Stay Focused On Both Subjects Because They Can Stimulate Your Brain In Different Ways.

This Leads To Better Retention Than Being Overwhelmed By Corticospinal And Spinothalamic Pathways

Didn’t get you. Are you saying doing cns module after renal is better?

Don’t solve the same topic modules during marrowthon.Try to alter the subjects or chapters. Each change will be like a breather for your brain and renew your state of interest so that you are always eager to learn more

Sir as govt had announced postponement of exams and at the same time my grandmother had got covid, so i had to leave Bangalore where i was studying with my friends and come back to my native. Since i got to know that exam will not be conducted for months i started attending patients at least those in friends and family groups. Now as they suddenly announced exam i planned going back to Bangalore, so i had to got RT PCR which to my unfortunate fate has turned out positive. Im not able to study at home sir . All my books are in Bangalore and im home. Help me out,i have lost all hopes