Healthcare crisis is deeper than economic crisis but no one cares!

Healthcare crisis is deeper than economic crisis but no one cares !!

Yesterday night patient of breast cancer came to emergency for severe pain and got referred to higher centre to receive IV Analgesics. The drugs which must be available at village level is not even available at tertiary care hospital. This will not only increase the suffering of patient but also increase the patient load to higher centres. We can understand the agony of both patient and her referring doctor but couldn’t raise voice in fear of administrative action.
RDA of Safdarjung hospital was also raising similar concerns of lack of life saving medicines and the devastating consequences if the stock of essential medicines not provided. The situation is not very different at any tertiary care hospitals in India (Primary & Secondary Care already non existential) But governments (Both Local & Central) ignores healthcare delivery system and put the burden on patients in terms of cost and doctors in terms of management. Both are victims of Adminstrative failure and government’s incompetence but tied to the system by diseases, hippocratic oath and humanity.
We request our policy makers to prioritise healthcare, start focusing on providing quality, accessible, affordable healthcare delivery system otherwise we are not far away from doomsday.