Heliotopre sign is seen in?

Heliotopre sign is seen in ?
a) Dermatomyositis
b) Scleroderma
c) Photodermatitis
d) Vitiligo
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e., Dermatomyositis
Cutaneous signs of dermatomyosits
Gottron’s papules :- lilac or violaceous papules on knuckle, dorsa of
Gottron’s sign :- Violaceous erythema with edema over shoulder,
arms, forearms.
Heliotrope sign :- Violaceous erythema with edema over eyelids,
periorbital region.
Poikiloderma :- Atrophy of skin, hypopigmentaion, dilated blood
vessels over trunk.
Mechanic hand :- Symmetric hyperkeratosis along ulnar aspect of
thumb and radial aspect of fingers.
Shawl Sign :- Violaceous erythema extending from dorsolateral
aspect of hands, forearms, and arms to shoulder & neck.
Calcinosis cutis :- Calcium deposits in skin (in Juvenile variant).
Miscellaneous signs :- Photosensitivity, vasculitis, panniculitis, Nail-
fold telangiectasia.
Extracutaneous involvement

  1. Proximal myositis
  2. Cardiomyopathy
  3. Raynaud’s phenomenon
  4. Arthralgia