Hello all my plab exam is on Feb 18 I'm only about to start my prep from tomorrow

Hello all my plab exam is on Feb 18 I’m only about to start my prep from tomorrow. I am not working presently i

.Is it possible to cover the whole topics and mocks by feb or should I postpone the exam. I’m planning on covering Plabable and plab keys giving full time for prep. Kindly give your suggestions .

Normally I’d say it’s definitely possible, but if you haven’t studied for a while and you are an older graduate I’d have a good think about it, you’ve basically got a month to do this all in. If they are opening PLAB 1 seats in January then I’d be tempted to look for something a bit later to not put stress on yourself to such a degree, if there are no PLAB 1 seats opening however then take the gamble and you won’t need to cancel your PLAB seat till they open the new seats anyway and by that time you can probably get a good handle on how much you are likely to cover between now and your exam date and whether it’s feasible or not for you to be confident with the material by then.