Hello all. Please someone clear this confusion

Hello all. Please someone clear this confusion, Some are saying DNB 3years Debar rule is not mentioned in 2021 counselling Guidelines.

So does it mean 3 years debar rule Not applicable for 2021 Dnb/Nbe diploma seat allotted students who resign their Dnb/Nbe diploma seats ?

Someone pls clarify on this. It would be very helpful for people who are in same confusion like me

  1. In the mcc counseling brochure for 2021 NO ineligibility was mentioned.

  2. In the neet pg 2022 exam brochure this ineligibility is mentioned for DNB seats (not specifically mentioning nbems diploma).

  3. On an rti on debarment this year by a candidate, nbe had responded mentioning that mcc’s counseling rules will be followed. Without mentioning debarment explicitly (they could have responded so but they didn’t)

This is the actual situation.

Fundamentally there is no clarity on this. Waiting for the mcc’s counseling brochure 2022 or any notification before counseling to see if there is any reference

thanks a lot sir. Hope this confusion gets cleared asap

And note that this debarment, even if applicable is only with respect to joining another DNB/NBE diploma seat this year. Not applicable for joining MD/MS seats.

i.e. Candidate picks up DNB / NBE diploma seat in 2021-22. Candidate resigns the seat after joining. Eligible for MD/MS in 2022-23. confusion is only regarding eligibility for DNB / NBE Diploma seats in 2022-23

My main concern is regarding Nbe diploma, once again thanks for your kind reply sir