Hello everyone, I'm 3rd mbbs std from India

Hello everyone, I’m 3rd mbbs std from India & I want to persue my post graduation either from US or UK but I’m super confused between both. I actually don’t have any clear cut idea about both. Pls enlighten me. Thank u

US residency-getting in is tough but possible,residency itself is 3-7 years(3 years if IM) ,no tuition fee like India,resident salary is atleast 50000$ ,multistep exams,electives/clerkships/observerships in US need to be done, usmle’s are tougher than plab ,50% match rate,doctors in US are highly paid individuals

UK-plab is easier,but getting residency after plab is not that easy, nonetheless people get into non training jobs(that is a job which doesn’t lead to a residency/PG degree),almost 100% people who pass plab 1 and 2 get into non training jobs, getting into PG is tough,even if you do,the residency (PG) in UK is 8-10 years training,doctors in UK are not as rich as US counterparts

Basic answer is-USMLE’s are tougher,apart from MLE’s the overall process to get into US residency is tougher than most countries but once you get into it,atleast money wise you’re better compensated than UK and training years are lesser too

Prefer UK if you need a bit quicker solution (since plab is easier and getting into UK for a non training job is easier too) ,PG in UK will be tough to get into,even if you do, 10 years is a long time

(This is how I see things,if someone has add on points or something I said is not factually a 100% correct,I’d appreciate if it’s pointed out)

2016 - 2019 were golden times for PLAB !!

After that due to so many factors even getting non training job in UK is getting very difficult !!

( Forgot to mention…so many people are emailing everyday to GMC to increase PLAB seats …they are also increasing seats to some extent

But GMC opening is more or less remaining same or decreasing !! that’s why competition is becoming so tough to get job !!

[ & Recent news of all USMLE , AMC passed doctors getting automatically GMC registered has further narrowed the chance to UK !! )