Hello everyone long post alert

Hello everyone long post alert …i got my dream branch at metro city in govt med clg after my gap of 3 years (due my civils prep n classes i barely managed to pass final yr) amid COVID pandemic i was doing compulsory bond … Then I realised who i was as a person …wt kind of life i wanted …then i developed interest for one particular subject which was anaesthesia …so I decided it is better i ll pursue my masters n secure myself as only this or radio or derma who can give me the life that i wanted to live … Bt was fearful of the gap n no link …i still decided to start preparing fr dec 2020 initially when i starting preparing my situstion was so horrible i was not getting grasp of words wt i was even reading… … got not so good rank in neet pg 2021 then i decided i give it one more try n i did bt still …couldnt get that toppers rank in neet pg 2022 …cause i wanted to take this branch by choice …bt i made something clear to myself…i wanted rank to secure seat of either of these subjects so I decided even if there is single chance i ll take it got read of all the shame … N i appeared for this year’s counselling i was hopefully i ll get something in mop up bt after AI mop up bt i did not get it n that -vevshift . …lost all hopes… i was devastated n so was my family n my partner… I cried 2 days n decided 3rd i ll give it one more try n i started preparing 3 days back …bt yesterday by 6 pm my frnd called n told me that i got selected …i screamed couldn’t believe i checked n decided i won’t give any more thought n join…everything else fell backseat … my family my typical middle class family who had no medico member in there house were so happy n excited …that gave me satisfaction n relief … all thanks to my parents who accepted my choice n respected my decision as they were against it n wanted me to pursue something else n offcourse my partner was supportive n always motivating me …n yes my best frnds for being my emotional pillar for all my breakdowns n offcourse thanks to the one n only marrow faculty n teachers specially my favourite rohit khandelwal sir n Illa khandelwal mam n offcourse this grp where i posted all queries as anonymous… could relate to all kind of posts after reading 👍

…finally going to start new chapter of my life relief that i m moving fwd in life i m happy with my choice of branch …

…all the best to each n every hardworking aspirants coming yr will be yours don’t lose ur heart n continue preparing … Don’t stop …keep going … for life u want to live … 👍😊once u achieve ur goal n then time invested or attempts will not matter in front of joy n satisfaction.