Hello everyone! This is my second post for understanding PLAB 2

hello everyone!! This is my second post for understanding PLAB 2 …

Thankyou for liking my post,and it felt good that many people could relate to it,i tried to answer to all queries in inbox,but it would be better if u guys please ask questions under the post so that others can benefit too from the answers…
once again its just my experiance and how i understood things,if it helps only a few then it’s worth it.

So for those who just passed PLAB1 or are planning for PLAB2 ,and they have no idea about PLAB2,Its really very important to have an idea about what the exam is going to be, before u come here.It is just so that u dont feel lost and are confident about the basics when u go for the course. I wish i took the advice of going through notes(scripts) before hand,but im sure many of u would agree that due to the work backhome,its really not possible to study and thats okey but then we shouldnt just rush for plab2 right away after plab1.
just take a while to plan things a bit…
1,what are scripts?its a fancy word for notes , as medical cases are explained in a dialogue manner between patient and doctor ,so they are called scripts.
2,I can not emphasize on the importance of going through notes before you go for course…
3,Remember its a simple assessment of how u are talking to the patient ,they expect u to be polite and welcoming.
some people have been practising for a long time and become robotic just focusing on medical knowledge.you have to make the patient comfortable.It mainly involves verbalizing the feelings.This is interpersonal and with practice it can be learnt.
4,make a good start…
5,listen to the patient carefully…
6,Be annoyingly calm…

During the course:
-Try to participate when being asked ,as well as observe your fellow candidates.

  • Be attentive
    -u might not have time to study during course days so keep somedays after course to study and practice.
    -Take feedback constructively, no matter how long u have been practicing, if mock examiner or some fellow telling u ur lackings, try to correct it during practice.

After the course…
1,should i practice or study? ofcrs study ,know the concept of case and then practice…you will struggle with asking questions and making a conversation if u dont know what are u going to say.
2,when should i take mock.?
whenever u want ,just take feedback positively… iv seen people taking mock right before exam and if examiners tell u about your lackings,they get demotivated.
If u are that kind of person. Try to take mock earlier. But if u rnt well prepared u ll feel stressed aswell.
So it’s v imp to take mocks with the mindset that u r going to mk mistakes but it’s good to correct em before exam cz then u won’t repeat it.

Many of you asked how can we have an idea before joining the course then I ll suggest watching videos on youtube and taking Free online Aspire course because I really found it really very helpful as it’s concise,crisp and to the point knowledge needed for plab2. And it won’t cost u a penny so why not.

Those who stay in UK can register and join welcome to UK practice workshop by GMC as it gives u a lil idea about what is expected out of you .

I wanted to discuss few things related interpersonals but honestly it’s v tough writing what u actually should be doing, I ll try and see how I can manage it. May be do a zoom/Skype session .