Hello fellow medicos this is my 5th attempt age 32

Hello fellow medicos this is my 5th attempt age 32,married,no medical family background…gt a rank of 45k UR…I am doing job in a pvt hospital. Every year I start good but due to family burdens and surrounding pressure I can never gv my 100 percent.This year though I started good but in the last 4 months i didn’t read a single page but still I qualified.My favourite branch is ortho as I have done 2.6 years resident ship in ortho dept and I am blind for the subject. My parents are telling me to go for management qouta but some of my colleagues are discouraging me in the context of not getting any handzones in pvt colleges. And somewhere inside I feel hesitant of taking such a prestigious and glorious subject at my rank. At my age it is hard for me to keep everything in place along with study. So sometimes I think I should take the seat or I should take whatever I get in the AIQ but the latter decision will be like a professional death sentence to me. Please help me guys,🙏…what should I do? Sometimes I cry for the time I lost and the agony is unbearable it’s killing me from inside. I am not getting the courage to repeat and having no motivation… it’s like I am in a death pit and I can’t just get out. This whole preparatory cycle is creating a havoc in my family life too.

IF there are any ortho resident in the group doing pg in private hospitals plz guide me

Don’t be emotional abt rank and subject. If you can afford just take it, because if you don’t den thousands are waiting to take it after you. This phase will pass anyways. And it’s your life. …Your own life so dont think abt age nd other factors. Take a decision and be an inspiration for others because dreams dsnt have age. So just chill relax and see how you can manage taking private seat and enjoy the pg time. Tc

Believe me do not waste money for management quota, take something like anaesthesia and then find a way to go up to critical care, will make more money, family life will be good and after spending 5 year in a field you will definitely be comfortable and satisfied with your work.

You can go for ENT and then do fellowship in head and neck oncology, palliative medicine, patho and then oncopatho , go for DNB in suitable branch.

Don’t think about age , in this field age is just a number and when i say this i am serious.

Think about far… Far vision for next 30 years. Don’t get driven in emotions.

I hope it helps.

There are so many ways…

Watched Kaun Praveen Tambe film and learnt a lot from it, highly recommended for you too…