Hello Friends! I need your advice. I finished USMLE with pretty good scores

Hello Friends! I need your advice. I finished USMLE with pretty good scores and applied for residency this year. I did not match. Financially not strong to apply next year. I have a lot of medical school debt too. Thinking of doing general surgery PG in india. I belong to SC caste. Please let me know whether it is a wise decision! I really appreciate your feedback.

You can get into desired branch and desired colege in India! If you put some effort!

No i did not write Neet yet!! Thinking of taking it this year.

Oh great then! I’m sure your USMLE prep knowledge will help you immensely. Good luck

What’s your score ?? Based on that we can tell! If your score is really good then it’s worth applying for match again!

Join as a duty doctor and apply residency next year man ! Check out your mistakes . Usmle is a great option , don’t loose

it will help you to ace radiology only! Dude you have got a good score apply for next year and parallely try for neet! You have got reservations you can get anything in India , considering your score and assuming you being smart if you just give neet you can get surgery!

I think if u have lots of debt u wud be thinking of early settlement…in that aspect better to choose some medical branches as surgery takes longer time for settlement…again it’s all upto u what u choose…

SC ho toh usmle kyu kar rahe ho, neet ka exam dedo bas seat mil jayega top clgs mei​:joy::joy:. You aren’t using your ultimate weapon bro

Join in some good hospital, save money and apply this year. You can’t let all your effort and money go in vain and you have good scores too. Like don’t give up at all. Many people with lower scores have matched. Just takes time. So go for usmle seriously