Hello, i need opinion/suggestion since i am so confused

Hello, i need opinion/suggestion since i am so confused.
I m 27 already, jobless and financial situation of the home is not good. I need to work to support.
Finish internship in 2022 and have given neet pg. Got rank of 30k, obc.
I am interested in general surgery or general medicine or pedia.
Suggestion what to do now? What branch i can option? I wont get my desire branch.
If I have to repeat/sit and study. I need to give time for study. I wont able to work and need to support family as everyone is dependent on me now.
Kindly help with my current situation. Thank you so much.

Take dnb not so hectic branches… Prepare for next neet… Go for MD /MS of ur choice… U will get stipend too… No seat leaving penalty too

Bro If u made to take drop, think longterm… Hardly 6months away for neet23. U can join work MO in industrial sector where its fixed 8hrshrs daily duty with minimum of 45k pay. Even its not much hectic. So u can read there also & Evening.