Hello my friends,Doctors and Nurses ,and Students,I have a question

Hello my friends,Doctors and Nurses ,and Students,I have a question.If you have had Melanoma Cancer, is it possible for it to return in form of tumors that will come up in your skin you see them but my question is do they disapear back under its like they play hid n seek.I am a 23 survior of this horrific stinking cancer I wittnessed my sister dying at age 45 its a scary long journey,Ive been on and still I keep myself up on PET SCANS.I’ve not been back in 2yrs.in fear of Being scared i will go as my sister b4 me.Im ready 2 go, but please you all have anything you can say 2 me on this situation.Prayers thanks you all.Ive truely enjoyed reading u alls post and info.God bless and be with you all.Have a great day.

The great physician will perfect what he has started in ur life in Jesus name amen

hello dear if you need treatment why say …i aam ready for go after melanoma cancer not danger this ordinery problem depend to metabolism no thiking and no going if you want advice .it is no other priscribtion thanks a lot

Someone is looking for information on melanoma cancer not your prayers

Almighty god will heal all ur illness