Hello to all of you a big hello to all neet pg 23 aspirants

Hello to all of you a big hello to all neet pg 23 aspirants

Here is a small post of air 10580

N before I proceed I wud like to write all my previous ranks…for I belong to each of them

Intern-85k…2020-35k…2021-65k…n then the above rank yesterday

An average girl in studies with an indomitable spirit…I without ny motivation al or educational advice proceed with the plan of action

  1. post 65k in sept 11 I knew there r sm major changes that need to b made at grassroot level…ended up throwing bulky notes of 3major n 2 minor subjects…n replaced it with achievable content

  2. Shifted to offline mode of questions solving than the online qbank

  3. solved around almost every author guide book…n this is the main reason for this rank

  4. prepg app is a wonderful app that made question solving like a video game…daily test r great

  5. focused on GTS…n never got bogged down by my ranks but only concentrated in my mistakes

  6. extensively solved questions

But for this. Postponement fiasco that I became a victim of…I wud have done better

But nevertheless m going to get my branch

So to all of u warriors out there… although I don’t consider myself worthy enuf to give advice but still on a humble note I say

Pls make a solid strategy in case ur ranks r repeating itself despite ur earnest efforts

It’s time to do some grassroot level work

My best wishes to all of u

N with this post this fake id breathes it’s last