Here are some ways you can use to give birth without pain

Birth is a very special event for pregnant women. Of course, this is the moment baby will come out of her mother’s womb. However, it should be noted that birth is different from woman to woman. But what’s for sure is that work is going to be accompanied by atrocious pain. So, is it possible not to hurt during childbirth?

Here are some ways you can use to give birth without pain.

Get maximum support

When the big day comes, make sure your spouse, mother or someone important to you is present. Even if you have confidence in your abilities, remember that you need moral support to face pain during work. Whether at hospital or at home, the person who accompanies you is there to comfort you. This is how you can better handle pain during childbirth. Be aware that support is also a way to shorten working time, reduce anxiety and promote vaginal birth. Note that beyond the time of birth, the support of the spouse has positive effects such as strengthening the bond between the couple and the early establishment of the bond between the father and the child.


Get is an automatic reaction when you have a pain in the hips. This is why we often see future moms walking around the halls of motherhood. To ease the pain, you can also sit on a big ball. Apart from that, try walking between the contractions. Moving makes it easier and faster baby descent into your pelvis. It also improves your comfort. It is also recommended to change your position every 10 minutes so you don’t feel too bad while improving blood intake to your little piece. Avoid the position on the back for long minutes, as it makes baby descent harder and does not promote opening your pelvis. There are three positions you need to take during work. The first is the vertical position. In this case, you can sit, squat or stand for a few minutes for the collar to expand quickly. The second so-called side position is to lay on the side to enjoy a few seconds of rest while speeding up work. The last position is the leaning forward. This makes it easier for baby rotation in your womb. Feel free to lean on accessories like balloon, cushions, chair and bar for each of these positions.


Always keep in mind that giving birth is a natural event. The female body has already been programmed for such a job. For that, there’s no need to panic. Relax and trust your body. To soothe the pain, put on your stomach or kidneys a few exposure. The heat has the advantage of relieving you during work. You can relax by taking a hot shower if possible. Take a deep breath to swelling your stomach and exhale more slowly so your muscles will release. It also improves your baby’s oxygenation. Allow yourself to listen to music from your player or sing if it makes you feel better.


You chose to give birth without an epidural, but the pain is becoming unbearable? No need to feel guilty because the main thing is baby coming. The epidural is an anesthetic product that aims to prevent the transmission of pain resulting from contractions of the womb and from baby to exit. It can be done as soon as the collar is dilated from two to three inches. You can benefit if you don’t have fever, blood clotting problems, or an infection at your back at work. When epidural injection, you will feel pain down your back, but it only lasts a few seconds. This anesthetic product has no effect on your baby. Even if injected into the back, there is no risk of paralysis in the mother as the spinal cord is a little further from the péridural space. It is possible to experience headaches or back pain after baby’s birth, but this is only passenger.


On this, no need to bring a professional masseur or masseuse. The person who accompanies you during childbirth will do the trick to ease your pain. Massage is ideal during the first stage of work, that is, at the beginning of the contractions. It allows you to relax your muscles and reduce anxiety. It also optimize blood circulation and reduces the transmission of painful contractions of contractions.


The is now a highly used technique for birth. It consists of teaching you how to relax and breathe properly during work. The goal of this method is to reach a certain level of concentration so you have positive thoughts, which easily reduces the perception of pain of contractions. You can also choose birth under hypnosis in case you choose to give birth in a natural way. However, these two techniques cannot be used in pregnant women with a history of mental illness.

In order to better live every step of birth, make sure you physically and morally prepare yourself a few weeks before. This allows you to be more serene the day baby leaves your belly. When it comes to birth, the most important thing is knowing how to handle pain especially if you chose to give birth naturally. Trust that your body is able to give birth. Don’t worry about the frequency of the contractions or the inches of expansion. All of this might make you nervous.