Hey guys, long time observer and very small contributor

Hey guys, long time observer and very small contributor. I apologize for that i didnt feel i had that much to add since you guys have done such an incredible job at answering and discussing everything. i just got my USMLE results

Score: 250
Test date: June 4rth

So the sources i used were FA and Uworld mainly and then little bit of BnB. The pathoma videos i had watched while i was in medschool and they were so good that i still remembered most of the concepts (if you havent seen them they are a must). The week before the exam i watched the first 3 chapters of pathoma which are really helpful. For ethics i really dont know what to tell you i did so many questions read conrads 100 ethics cases, watched a bunch of youtube videos and still i was lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not get discouraged if you find out you didnt use a recommended source like the Zanki Decks and sketchy and stuff like that, they are helpful but not integral, i personally didnt use any of them. I made some stupid decisions as well like using FA 2017 and having the 2020 in pdf in my computer, definitely dont do that xD

I read FA alot of times and did uWorld twice while keeping notes. I also did most of the NBMEs and UWSAs. They say work on your weak spots but some times its a bit hard to know which ones they are within all this chaos, so my advice is anytime you see a TYPE of question or concept that makes you nervous or uneasy when you start reading it, take the time to learn what you are not sure of and why it makes you nervous.

As for the exam itself i was pretty depressed after i left the room cause i kept thinking of questions that i knew the answer to and still got them wrong. The stress of time and weird phrasing is the problem. Also there are other concepts that i could definitely eliminate all the answers except for one but because i hadnt heard of it i was to nervous to put it, another big mistake. Know that no matter how much yo read there will still be stuff that you are not familiar with, that doesnt mean they are wrong. All in all the exam is very doable.

Best of luck with everything and thank you for your help and company during this time