Hey guys. Wanted to share my ck experience

Step 2 ck experience:
Hey guys. Wanted to share my ck experience. Been 10 days since I got my results. And Thank God, I got 253!!!

Total prep time : around 6-7 months
I started my prep with a brief reading of MTB. I read about 3/4ths of it and then started U world. It took me almost 2.5 -3 months to finish the first round uworld. I found the UW Notes Pdf halfway through and started writing extra points onto the notes. These notes were so helpful and saved a lot of time.
After the first round of UW I read the UW notes. I read these notes twice and did UW twice.
CMS- according to me is HIGH YIELD, I did only half the forms and I highly suggest that you do all of them.
Other resources: I watched onlinemeded videos for some topics and used medbullets

My self assessment scores were:
Nbme 4 – offline – 38 wrong
Nbme 6 – online 220 (30 wrong)
Uwsa1 - 254
Nbme 8- 254
Uwsa 2- 259
Real score: 253

I think the self assessments are pretty good predictors and I would highly recommend that you take the exam once your getting scores in the range of what you want.

Exam Day:
Just like step1, went to bed early but tossed and turned in bed for a couple of hours but I got around 4-5 hours of sleep.
The exam was really tough. Felt like I dint know 50% of the questions in every block. The questions were all so vague and on topics that weren’t covered in UW. The q stems weren’t too long. After completing the first four blocks, I was pretty disheartened and I called my parents during my lunch break and told them that the exam was really hard. They counselled me that I should just do my best and forget about the previous blocks and just keep going. I think it was their prayers that got me through the exam. After the exam I was super depressed for a week. Any mention of the exam was so stressful. But luckily all went well… so guys don’t worry, many of you might feel that the exam was really tough and that you dint do well but you usually get scores that are around your assessment scores. Trust yourself and God!