Hey my junior..Just hear about the news of plead being dismissed by SC regarding postponement

Hey my junior…Just hear about the news of plead being dismissed by SC regarding postponement…

Don’t get disheartened and don’t panic…If exam got postponed it’s for everyone…if it doesn’t it’s for everyone… Believe me this last 8 days can create a lot of difference in rank… whatever you read in last 8 days will be fresh in your mind at day of exam …just give one look to all your notes and last year papers… switch your mind to super turbo mode…you can make miracles in this days… Believe me this days are sufficient to make change… These are not just 8 days… these are 8 days before exam(last week before exam) which are equivalent to app. 2 months of preparation…These is most important phase of this journey…who utilise these days will win and have final smile…If have any dout can pin me on FB messenger…

Dr Abhishek Vairagade

JR1 MD Radiology

Should we do questions or read just notes ?

Continue what your present strategy is but one look over your notes and last few years neet paper is must do

Seniors like you keep our belief in goodness alive! Thanks sir. 2023 aspirant as I’m ineligible but kind words from seniors were few to find on this group.