Hey! This post is especially for those who had low step 1 scores

Step 2 CK experience

Hey! This post is especially for those who had low step 1 scores or scores they were not satisfied with. I took step 1 in 2019 and got a lesser score than what my assessments predicted. I did have some personal issues going on at the time and that certainly played a role. This post is to encourage those that are in the same shoes as mine not to give up.

Step 1 (september 2019) - 225

UWSA 1 - 254 (3 weeks to exam)

UWSA 2 - 255 (3 days to exam)

step 2ck (26 August 2020)- 254

UWSA’s were predictive for me. I did not take any NBME’s because I had heard they underpredicted and did not want to crush my self-confidence more than step 1 had already done. Uworld was my number one tool together with online med ed. Make sure to really pay extra attention to your incorrects and weak areas. I listened to rapid review and other high yield divine intervention podcasts 3 days before my exam and I will recommend that for everyone. The difficulty of the exam was between UWSA 2 and the new free 120 so do them if you can. I did only 2 blocks of the new free 120 which is why I did not post a score for that. I really hope this post will be encouraging. Feel free to shoot me any questions in my inbox or comment section and will try my best to respond.

All the best!