Hi all! URGENT! Sorry for the long post

Hi all! URGENT!! Sorry for the long post.
As discussed already in the group a month ago- I did travel not waiting for my BRP. And unfortunately I landed to hear my dad passing away few hours later.
In a way I Atleast made it to see him one last time and do all the rites myself ( ofcourse with the help of amazing friends despite covid restrictions ) without having to trouble many others.
Now, after gathering a bit of energy , trying to sort my BRP thing. Mine is safe and with my trust , however there is no update on my husband’s - as my trust did not accept him as his name was not in the staff’s list !
I have sent an enquiry to the home office and hopefully get it sorted this week. However it looks like I might be able to travel only after 3rd week of November after sorting everything out. I have two issues now:
1a.) However if there is a travel ban due to lockdown restrictions- I am all scared and wondering how things will be sorted : because my friend was supposed to travel to India back by November 3rd week and he has volunteered to collect my BRP and bring it to us. I can’t travel alone as of now because I don’t think I will be able to handle a lot of things mentally and physically - because both my mental and physical health are disturbed right now. IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY I CAN SORT THIS OUT? Like CONTACTING ANYONE? TnT and FEDx have absolutely not helped- the latter never answered calls after hours of wait and trying for last three days.
1b.) what are the travel restrictions now like in the UK with regards to international travel ?
2.) what is the situation in the NHS now with regards to risk assessment outcomes ? Are things completely back to Covid times’ protocols ? I can’t access the link sent by my trust to complete the risk assessment as it has to be done via intranet . A brief advise on changes to work based on risk stratification for the staffs plz - especially to people in category red. I might fall under amber or red( not sure need to recheck the assessment form).