Hi doctors whats the main cause of memory loss


Idiopathic but their are many predisposing factor

I guess if masturbation was one of the causes then half the world would hve memory loss. Please don’t miss lead us u would atleast thought of; old age, RTA, Brian cell disruption, heredity etc.

Please you guys should tell me the cause.

I have memory loss, l will keep something here and forget it, soup would be on fire and l will forget it. .please what is the cause?

Glory Torbari …Do u stress alot?if yes u need to cut down…Try new things daily,Also try playing games that hav to do with calculations like puzzle,etc…Above all do light exercise…Best of luck

My dear wat ar u thinking. U av over stress ur brain plz tink less. Give a little tym for ur self to play. Av u by any way had n accident not only car accident but during playing or fighting wit anyone who hit ur head on somting if yes c a specialist for proper check up