Hi everyone, has anyone had reactions confined to just their lash line?

Hi everyone, has anyone had reactions confined to just their lash line? This seems to be mainly the only area inflamed for me and I feel it’s different compared to two years ago when I used eyelash glue and had a reaction all over my lid which went away when I stopped use. Some days it’s more swollen than others. I’m starting to get pressure behind my eyes, light sensitivity and they are burning/watering. I feel if I apply any type of makeup on it it’s worse and I’ve tried vegan products with not many ingredients and also patch tested them on my inner arm where there’s been no reactions. I’m currently taking doxycycline and I’ve tried hydrocortisone and elidel but nothing is taking it away. It’s been two months now! Is there anything else you guys would recommend?

I have issues along the lash line, never used adhesive, but now unable to use makeup on/around eyes. Burning, small blisters, itching. I use eye drops but only short term relief. Frustrating as I used to be able to wear eye makeup.

this is my worst fear!! I need to find an option to be able to wear it as it’s really affecting my self confidence. Did you have patch testing?

Hi i had this same issue and it was seasonal allergies went to my optometrist and she prescribed eyedrops that cured inside the eyelid and i havent been cleared about an year now and to avoid anything irritant i use pataday that is easily available at any pharmacy without prescription i hope that works!!

thank you! I’ll look into the pataday! I’ve never had any allergies before and I honestly don’t understand how I can suddenly become allergic to so many products, so I haven’t got a clue what’s going on really. I think it’s weird because looking at it you would think it’s blepharitis but I don’t have any dandruff flakes on my lashes

Yes exactly its not flaking then its not that mine would burn all around the lower rim and eye lid but i was told even little dust particles can cause such irritation and taking that everyday along with zytrec ive been in control!