Hi everyone. Long term recovery question

Hi everyone. Long term recovery question. My one year post op was 2020 August (august 2019 hamstring graft, 1st surgery). I was cleared in PT 2020 June. I am so unhappy with my result. My knee is loose, my quadricep is so much smaller than the other. I have always done ALL my PT and I mean that. And even after a year I do PT. I can run and hike and bike and climb buuuut my knee is irritated, my patella pops around and gets caught, my leg is weaker, and I’m worried I will develop joint issues ei osteoarthritis. Anyone else have a similar experience?
I also have a Breg Fusion activity brace which was custom but yet it’s too big (long?) for me I am only 5 feet tall and it nearly ends at my ankle! It always slips down as I have tiny calves. But I’m curious if anyone has had similar experiences with activity braces? Please share if you have a long term surgical result similar to mine. I feel so frustrated.

Have you tried blood flow therapy to help with the quad muscles to strengthen and thicken them up? It’s a thought anyways. Sorry to hear about the rest of it all. I have heard of the catching part before and for some of them it turned out to be some scar tissue that needed to be removed. Best wishes

Do you need to wear a brace for activities? I spoke to my physio about getting one and he said it would be a last resort as we are encouraging the knee and surrounding muscles to work for itself and the brace wont allow that properly so it will lead to more muscle atrophy if I did use one. You may find better strength development without one.