Hi fellow neet pg aspirants!

Hi fellow neet pg aspirants!!So,my primary strategy to tackle the exam has finally boiled down to only completing marrow qbanks atleast once along with atleast one solid revision which is still doable if done @300 mcqs,/day.The problem is that i have suddenly lost all my motivation and am hardly reaching 70-80 mcqs/day as i waste a lot of time on worthless stuff such as youtube,etc.Hopefully,others of you are not in as bad a situation as i am but i also believe that one of the reasons for not feeling motivated enough is because i can’t see others studying around me although i very well know evryone else is preparing wholeheartedlyputting their maximum effort every single day but still,when it’s not very visible around you since you are studying alone,u tend to lose motivation just because of the lack of that competitive spirit or afeeling of guilt that is inculcated whrn u see people physically present and studying around you,atleast this holds true in my case…so i was wondering if anyone is interested in setting a goal of atleast 300 mcqs/day and motivating each other by posting how many mcqs you did after every 4 or 5 hours such that just seeing others complete more mcqs before u at a particular time of the day could help you keep motivated as well to continue and boost up your speed which is the very requirement at this moment in time!So,if anyone interested,kindly comment yes in the comments and we could start 12 am onwards i.e., 3rd october 2020.No need to discuss mcqs or anything like that so it won’t be very distracting…just set a goal to do as many mcqs in 4 hours and then post the number of mcqs you completed and see if u beat others to it…if not…you could definitely try and do it in the next 4 hours!!This will help us stay motivated by means of some helthy competition!! ![:slightly_smiling_face:|16x16]