Hi friends I need guidance. These are my credentials

Hi friends I need guidance. These are my credentials.
Step 1:208 step 2 CK:226 CS: pass 1st attempt. Yog: 2012.
Few years of work experience as primary care physician in home country.
USCE in private clinics for 8 months.
Visa not required.
Aiming for Family Medicine.
Currently preparing for step 3.
I tried for research in a nearby university , one Doctor wanted to meet me but very next day they received a Covid-19 patient and they stopped meeting volunteers.
. I had only one 1 I/V this match and that was through contact. But I applied in very few programs because I got my ECFMG certificate quite late.
I am very depressed. I feel like I am just wasting my time and I won’t get into residency. My husband has declined for any financial help anymore. I had gone very bad times since I came to USA. I affected my scores badly. Now I am looking for any kind of job right now just to bear my expenses. Please tell me experienced people that how can I make my chances better for residency into FM. And if not what are the alternatives for good salary jobs? Is doing masters in Public Health is a good option?