Hi guys, since 6 months I'm working as MO at local government hospital

Hi guys, since 6 months I’m working as MO at local government hospital. I have been preparing for neetpg since Jan 2020 ie since start of internship. I got all India rank of 8k in neetpg 2021. I was quite happy and thought will continue job till the start of counseling. But now my dad got ill and it’s been a month he’s not walking much due to tremors in left leg also he’s obese. Else is ok. One of my colleague (who is my batch mate as well) in hospital is such a weird person, she keeps on talking useless stuff such that she wants me to feel low maybe sometimes I exaggeratedly misinterpret things because of mental instability going on. Reasons of my mental instability are many, like uncertain counselling, parents’ health, few friends, no outing and much more. I really want to live life in the present and don’t want to worry about anybody. Please somebody give some suggestions for becoming cool minded Or something which can prevent me from burning out. Thanks in advance

Stop FBing, seek professional help

Planning for which course?