Hi, I am Dr Ajay yadav, Anesthesia faculty and author of short textbook

Hi, I am Dr Ajay yadav, Anesthesia faculty and author of short textbook of anesthesia. If you have any doubts or queries you can pin me or even email me at my mail… [email protected]
I will also try my best to keep you abreast with latest updates and questions
Pros of anesthesia- 1. There is no dearth of jobs, you can settle instantly at any place in world ( the requrirement ratio of anesthesia and critical care vs any other branch in a hospital is 5-6: 1)
2. You earn in early part of career
3. Latency curve of learning is too short avoiding the need to do anything!!! for seniors to learn.
4. Specializations can be done in critical care and pain management
5. Less exposed to public so less chances of being thrashed!!( Not applicable to critical care specialists)
6. Comparatively scheduled life therefore better personal and family life…can even afford to switch off your phone on off duty!
7. Spends major time of life in pollution free environment… Good OT have laminar flows

  1. Working behind the curtain, therefore not a branch for people who are desirous of recognition
  2. You earn fast but soon achieves plateu therefore not a good branch for highly ambitious people
  3. Less exposure to public so less chances of making contacts and public relations
  4. As anesthetist are not direct revenue generators therefore are less valued in corporates however the advantage is there are no pressure to meet targets
    If you want a descent and peaceful personal life from the beginning of career go for anesthesia but if you have skytouching ambitions go for clinical branch ( particularly surgical branches)

All Delhi colleges, KGMC Lucknow, SMS Jaipur, BHU, PGI, PGIMS Rohtak… More or less other govt colleges are also good