Hi, my name is Tatiana, I am a former ER Dr. from Ukraine, “old graduate”

Hi, my name is Tatiana, I am a former ER Dr. from Ukraine, “old graduate”, (graduated in 2009). I am hard working mom with very limited resources, but I am still going to apply this year and probably next year, before I give up and go to nursing school as plan B.

I need a good word of advice form those of you who already passed your Step 3.

How long did it take you to study for it? Did you work full time while studying?

I don’t know how long it could take me. I took Step 1 in 12/2013, Step 2 in 06/2014, CS in 8/2014, have not studied since. I work full time as MA in busy IM/FM practice and I shadow physicians there in early morning, late evenings and Saturdays, basically 10-12 hours a day spent in the office- work plus clinical experience. I have family and 10-year old child to take care of.

Do you think I could take my exam by the end of the year, considering my limited time to study? Or do you recommend to rather take more time? My scores were: 228/225/1st attempt, physicians that I follow in the office recommend to score at least 240 on Step 3, to “close the gap” and impress. I have not scheduled the exam yet and kinda lost, I don’t know what materials I need to purchase (I am on a very tight budget). Would you please make your recommendations on the timeline to study and materials I’d need? Thank you!

Plan B would be even harder. The school would not let you transfer credits if you graduated more than 5 years ago. You are an ER doctor but none of that will matter. They will make you take course way below your level. It is very frustrating. I could not do it. Give A your best shot!