Hi please help.... DNB medicine in bad hospital ( based on previous cut off -

Hi please help… DNB medicine in bad hospital ( based on previous cut off – last rank - bad hospital…i thought so… VS MD anesthesia, psych, in state clgs… which is better…
I need to take any better seat this year…
No repeat this year…

Can i take any dnb hospital…isn’t it affect my passing rate, duty, mental health…?

passing depends on u duty its gonna be hectic and mental health indian pg culture makes it sure that you have non

Ashwani Singla in comparison to duty, is more or less than MD medicine… which is more hectic… i have seen only md medicine PGs not DNB guys

Bad institution as per

Patient load or academics?

Don’t waste your precious three years and regret whole of your life.

Unless you just want to pursue medicine for sake of it.

Follow what well know faculties of well known PG-Coaching institutes say. They are reliable atleast regarding this matter . Here , most of the people will try to misguide you . Dont Beleive anyone blindly. People whom you dont know may not be trust-worthy.

Choose ur branch first. Don’t compromise with ur branch. Branch stays for life. Think 10 times before taking surgical DNBs, but for medical DNBs don’t think twice if u love the subject.

upcoming time is for intervention.

just sitting by table and prescribing medicines, this scenario has gone.

medicinal specialities are also going towards interventional practice eg. ctvs is dead becoz of interventional cardiology.

so choose accordingly.