Hi.....post dgo candidates should apply only .....MS obg aaaa?

hi…post dgo candidates should apply only …MS obg aaaa?..r they can apply other subjects also …if post dgo candidates get seat…how many years they have to study …2 or they three yes?..plz clarify

If you apply for MS Obg you’ll have to do 2 years, all others 3 years

After dch, u are eligible for only MD in paeds thru neet…

Better idea is to do sec dnb … then apply for dnb/ DM super speciality…thru neetss u are eligible for cardio/neuro/nephrology/endocrine of adults too… so I can become equivalent to md med plus DM in that field

If MD is also 2yr post diploma then why is dnb good option?

Getting post dip dnb is easier …less competitive…but in neet u need to get ranks which will fetch u MD pediatrics…that’s below 2 k rank…

Is there any bond in diploma? If any one get chances in secondary DNB during bond period what will happen?