Hi there, thanks for the ad! I'm in QLD Australia and injured my knee on Dec 15

Hi there, thanks for the ad! I’m in QLD Australia and injured my knee on Dec 15. I’m 48 and very active as I live on a cattle property and also work during the week.

I did go to the hospital and GP and had an MRI but being the Christmas period it took 2 weeks before I finally saw the specialist. I have full thickness tear of ACL, grade 2 MCL and strain of the LCL. I was given a brace with full ROM settings (mainly just to support sideways movement) with instructions to go to physio, come back in 6 weeks to give time for things to settle down and for the MCL to repair before going forward with the ACL (if at all). The earliest I can get into physio is next Thursday. So a few questions please:

With the brace I can bear weight and I’m trying to walk normally, not much swelling or pain, it just aches at the end of the day, depending how much walking around I’ve done. Just wondering what sort of exercises I could try before I see the physio or do I just rest until I see the physio. I feel like I’m going to be even further behind doing nothing for yet another week but I don’t want to damage it further!

If I’m just sitting down with my leg on pillows doing absolutely nothing can I undo the brace for a while? What did others do?

I did ask these questions of my specialist but either I wasn’t being understood or I am making more of a big deal out of this than he thinks it is as the advice was to just see how I’m feeling, but just don’t fall over!

Any other advice going forward?

Thank you.