*Highlights of today's meeting of UGMEB*

Highlights of today’s meeting of UGMEB

  1. Adhar enabled biometric system for faculty as well as for students. (Face linked)

  2. Close circuit tv monitoring of college and hospital

  3. Department of integrative research to boost the research

  4. New colleges will start with strength of 50/100/150 but colleges already having 250 intake will not be disturbed.

  5. Mentor- mentee program is must.

  6. No migration of students at any stage.

  7. Maximum 4 attempts to pass an exam are permitted

  8. Supplementary exams must be within 5 weeks of main exam.

  9. No Supplementary batch or detain batch.

  10. All phase are now clinical.

  11. No pre, para clinical deptt.

  12. Family adoption program to be implemented .

  13. All prof is of one year duration except part II of phase 3 (18 months)

  14. All non medical teachers to be preferably employed in the research lab only .new appointment of non medical persons (Msc phd ) up to 15% as a Demostrator only ( not as a faculty)

  15. MBBS, MD/MS is must for examiners along with required experience.non medical ( Msc phd ) cannot be an examiner .

  16. BCME, ACME, CISP is must for teachers and detail instructions will be given separatly.

  17. For New colleges there is no Respiratory , Emergency and PMR department for UG curriculum. Faculty of respiratory medicine count in general medicine, PMR in orthopaedics dept.

  18. For the post of tutor MBBS degree is enough.

  19. External examiner may be appointed from any other college (even of Same university).