HIV, aids second patient man due to stem sale

HIV, aids second patient man due to stem sale

A good news about the treatment of HIV and aids has been revealed that the second patient to treat the stem cell is now completely man.

This patient has been treated by Cambridge University experts who have been called as ’ London patient ', which is actually the native of Venezuela and is also the victim of cancer. After the treatment of several years ago, the news of ptolemy cell’s usefulness has been published. But now it has been a long time since 30 months of aids and HIV, and no virus has been found in its blood.

Mʿạljy̰n’s team leader rwy̰ndrạ gupta published his report in the scientific journal named ly̰nsٹ h, that the test appears to a large extent that the patient has been saved from the disease of HIV AIDS. Rwy̰ndrạ told that the patient In the body we reviewed every place where HIV can be hidden but all the places are absolutely clear.
The 40-Year-old patient was declared a patient of HIV in 2003 and was given medicine till 2012 however, the next year, a type of deadly cancer, ہạjḵnz lmfwmạ caught. Cancer in 2016 For the treatment of this, he has moved the marrow of bones, but also a person has been put in a stem cell which is rare in all Europe and has a genetic change to save from HIV.

This is how the patient is now safe from HIV, while in 2011, the exact treatment of an American Timothy Brown was done in the same way. While the new patient’s waist bone, intestines and lmfy̰ dirt, etc. There are no signs of HIV. However, they have discovered some pieces of aids virus but they don’t need to be scared because they don’t have the ability to impress the patient anymore.

But the people are aware that this treatment is not a cure for everyone, which is becoming the death of million people. This is how many patients were tested on the way of stem sale but the same results were not recovered. Other experts also said. This treatment will not prove for every patient.