Hiv+ and unmedicated


Doctor, l was get tested 3years ago and l was HIV positive but l didn’t take my medication even once but now am still fit …do am positive…or it was a mistake ??

Let us assume that the test result was correct. HIV infects the immune cells of the body and gradually destroys the immune system. This process can take several years.

If you are HIV positive, it is still possible to feel healthy and fit even if you are not taking any medication. But over time, the virus will destroy your immunity and you will start to develop symptoms. You are likely to contract infections that can be quite severe in nature. This process takes several years and you can be reasonably fit through this time.

It is also possible that the test result was wrong. Tests occasionally go wrong and the results need to be confirmed. If you are not convinced about the earlier test result, I would advise you to get tested again at an accredited laboratory.

In case it is confirmed that you are HIV positive, you should start taking medication immediately. This will prevent damage to your immune system and enable you to lead a healthy life.