Hlo i got score of 613(rank tentative 1850)

Hlo i got score of 613(rank tentative 1850) I am interested in both medicine and paediatrics what can i choose ? Plz suggest

U will know better what to choose how others can tell

You are comfortable with paediatric or geriatric people?

Choose accordingly.

If u want to settle early… Is not interested in doing superspecialisation… And interested in treating little ones… Go for pediatrics… Opd practise is very good… U can earn a lot by immunisation… Can do adult DM later if u want… In critical care lots of interventions are there… And as the management is done strictly according to protocols u get to learn the right thing… All the best

everybody say we cant complete marrow q bank its too lengthy,this year i solely prepared from marrow q bank ,i completed only 30 % ,igot 407 score,shall i continue marrow q bank

Medicine if not comfortable seeing sick children

Look at the video discussed by Dr Thameem Sir about medicine branch on YouTube

And one unacademy pedia teacher’s video for Pedia … Then decide .

Paedatric don’t do as Cps DCH and DCh university also competes with you

Def medicine. Hell loads of clinical exposure. Also Paeds department in many of the govt colleges are toxic. Think wisely before choosing paeds