Home peeling with fruit hydroxy acids


Fruit acids are called alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) - organic acids, which are found a lot in a wide variety of fruits.
How do fruit acids work?
In concentrations from 20 to 70% these acids are able to act not only on the upper layer of the skin (epidermis), but also penetrate into its deeper layers (dermis).
One of the main methods that prolong the youth of our skin is to stimulate the renewal of the epidermis and the stratum corneum from dead cells.
It was found experimentally that AHA are capable of:

  • Change the acidity of the skin;
  • To influence on the process of skin keratinization;
  • Accelerate cell renewal;
  • Stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and of the other components of the intercellular substance;
    Multiple application of AHA enhances exfoliation of the dead layers of the skin, leads to a decrease in the stratum corneum, which means it can eliminate some skin defects (disappear spots from acne, acne, redness, irregularity and roughness).
    Also, fruit acids are able to induce swelling of skin cells and intercellular substance, increasing its elasticity and producing the effect of reducing wrinkles.
    What alpha hydroxy acids are used in cosmetology?
    Glycolic acid
    One of the most popular AHA in cosmetology.
    Contained in sugar cane and green grapes.
    It has the smallest molecular weight among hydroxy acids, so it can easily penetrate into the epidermal barrier and have a pronounced effect.
    In addition, this acid is able to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin.
    Apple acid
    Contained in a lot of fruits and vegetables (strawberries, pineapple), but especially it is rich in apples and tomatoes. It excellently exfoliates cells and stimulates cellular metabolism.
    Wine acid
    Contained in mature grapes, old wine and oranges. Has exfoliating and moisturizing properties.
    Lemon acid
    Contained in citrus fruits. Has the highest molecular weight of all AHA. It has antioxidant, bleaching and bactericidal properties.
    Lactic acid
    Contains in milk, yoghurt, blueberries, apples, tomato juice, maple syrup.
    Excellent exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.
    How to make a fruit acids peeling?
  1. Take the fruit you like, for example, strawberries, pineapple or a half of lemon.
  2. Very carefully rub with it your clean face skin, neck and décolleté zone.
  3. Do this until your face begins to pinch.
  4. Leave the face mask on for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. Now apply a moisturizing cream or oil(avocado oil is ideally suited for these purposes, it is very effectively stimulates the formation of new cells).
    But if soon after that procedure you plan to go out, be sure to use sun protection cream.
    Make a home peeling with fruit acids 2 times a week.
    ! It must be remembered that such peeling can not be carried out with fruits that can cause you an allergic reaction.
    ! After carrying out homemade peeling with fruit acids, DO NOT go outside and don’t expose the skin to UV rays - you may get pigmented spots.
    ! For sensitive skin, choose more sparing fruit, for example, an apple.