Hope u all stay positive and testing negative!

hope u all stay positive and testing negative 😅

I have an urgent question “ if someone takes QE1&2 , and achieves a high IELTS score with two years postgraduate training in “ Peadiatric, gyn/ob , surgery , anesthesia, medicine , psychiatry , and wants to practice family medicine, what else does he need to be accepted by mcc to practice medicine in canada , why would they reject him ?!
For family physicians. To have an answer to your question. Search Practice ready assessment according to the province your are interested in. Most of them require Mccqe1 and mccqe2 or nac Osce with specific score and ielts 7 in each band, two years of postgraduate training in specific departments . Also they require that you have independent practice experience, some ask for 2-5 years and you have to be practicing recently which means you are not out of practice and that also depends on the province, usually 6month - 1 year in the last three years. Also it’s better to have PR or work permit. Of course the more competitive your CV the better chance you have
t is hard to comment because you do not tell me his scores (need to be very high) unless he has some diversity race : latino, african, LGBTQ) score in Nac, how long it took to clear the exams since last practice or study, letters from Canadian professors associated with teaching hospitals or just fm from canada or from backhome, performance in the interview, how close to anglo conformity he is (how Canadian he behave) what extracurriculars based on can med roles papers, posters etc . and 1% LUCK +PRAYERS +SACRIFICES +HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE THAT YOU CAN NOT SEE YOURSELF DOING ANYTHING BUT BEING A PHYSICIAN . We discuss all these in our workshops -We just had 2 days ago a workshop on licencing. If he speaks or nor French if he is willing to do or can do MLPIMG< SIPPA, or other PR programs .