How can an anesthesiologist earn more....can anybody guide...m doing my md anaesthesia nd just worried about the financial status post md

How can an anesthesiologist earn more…can anybody guide…m doing my md anaesthesia nd just worried about the financial status post md…

Anaesthesia cant earn more than 2.5 lakhs its a reality

My cousin Anaesthesist 12 hrs night shift ICU post pg 3 yrs experience…1.1 lkh per month

U can earn only if u r available on call 24 hrs. Or else surgeons ll prefer someone else. 9-5 means can expect just 70-80k…

1lacs/pm initial.
with hardwork and after getting some fellowships u can get 2 to 2.5lacs/p.m, its dead end. not more than this

Bhai no one is eaRNing 40 lacs now…if u really want to earn much than do freelancing and start savings…and start investing in SIP AND MUTUTAL FUNDS… Anesthesiologist have an advantage that they don’t need to open setups…but i have seen Anesthesia People opening setups and hire doctors…U ll work in revenue generating department of ur setup…so u need to be smart to earn money

Arey yaar 60 lakh per year kamaa sakte ho mere hospital ka anaesthetist bolta tha
After 10.12 years

My brother is anaesthesiologist with dm in cardiac anesthesia, earning 3 lacs pm Aprox in nemcare hospital along with partime in other hospital, he earns around 5-6 lacs pm according to what I saw .

Anaesthetists earn a lot! A lot! As compared to Radiologists, Ent, optha etc they earn equal if not more. They can always do ICU management, pain clinic opds, free lance as anaesthetists. They earn a lot more yar. Also, it depends on you but don’t worry about money. ICU management rakes in a hell lot of money!

In india pay is less it’s TRUE.
But it is not a criterion to choose or leave the branch.
Many are happy with the life eith less money too

strangedoctor if Anaesthesia is soo money minting then why is it always least preferred and radio is more preferred both being backscreen jobs?

Till last yr when there were posts regarding Anaesthesia Vs other branch everyone posted don’t take Anaesthesia…now all of sudden how come Anaesthesia became best branch in just 1 yr. it’s all mindgame. These posts are just to divert good rankers to branches like Anaesthesia ophthal so that they will get good branches…

Anesthetists work in revenue generating part of Hospital…all the revenue comes from Anesthesia deptt… From Emergency to OT TO ICU . opd u have limited income source…i dont think Anesthetists earn less …after passing Anesthesia u need a car and a mobile phone to earn. Ashte!!

Anaesthetist is not revenue generating. It’s not anaesthetist who post cases for OT. It’s surgeon who s main revenue generating. Anaesthesist gets only 10-15% how much a surgeon gets. On paper it’s 30%. Not reality. ICU requires primary consultants to agree. Without primary consultants agreeing anaesthetist can’t shift to ICU. Yes during code blue they can take decisions independently.

And u need money in intial phase of life to enjoy life…no one wants to open setup at young phase and be in debt…earn initially spend money like a king…

If our parents had enjoyed like a king we wouldn’t have studied Medicine Nd stated in own house and living a stable life.

my dad is the sole earner of my family…he doesn’t earn like Doctors… he’s a govt engineer at a reputated post…he earns around 2 lacs per month …but i never felt difficulty in my life…have house, and living very happy and stable life…

Life s not about enjoyment. Responsibility is also important. U can’t leave Ur children just like that Nd keep enjoying. Main money requirement is above 35yrs

after 35 only radio Anesthesia people are earning like hell…while ortho Medicine people earn in late phase of life…and I have really studied so much …I want to travel with my wife at exotic places…I don’t want to open setup in initial phase and work like servant there …it all depends on your thinking…what u want at that point of time.

ANESTHESIA is far better than ent and ophthalmology, pathology… Only reason y cutoff is low is just bcos fees is less and seats are more wen compared with other departments…

Anyone can earn pretty lumpsome in any branch if you are competent enough… Myself I am an anesthesiologist I can give little insight about anesthesia… Anesthesia is a very satisfying branch… Money is not the sole thing which matters… U r always the one who saves any critical patient… It’s very much satisfying … U have many option after anesthesiology… U can go for critical medicine ( the most income generating unit in a hospital) u will be paid heavily if u have a dm or fellowship… U can go for pain medicine… Most upcoming field in most of the cities in the country and abroad… If u have got a dm in Cardiac anesthesia , neuro anesthesia or transplant anesthesia u can directly become head of the dept in most of the corporate hospital… If u wanna continue as general anesthesiologist, u can do free lancing or join some private or govt setup… Anesthesiologists are well paid abroad… Mainly in middle East and Europe… U have to clear edaic or frca or any qualifying examination in resp countries… U will earn around 6 to 8 lakhs a month from the starting itself… Compared to other branches… The anesthesiologists starts earning pretty much faster … Because they don’t have to search for pts… In my knowledge… Anesthesia is a very good and upcoming branch and there won’t be any shortage of vacancies