How Can stop sexual pain in women .. Is it happen everytime....?

How Can stop sexual pain in women … Is it happen everytime…???
How many times couple have to need for sex to get pregnant …Is it sufficient once in every week??

It’s depend some others like me doesn’t need more time for sex…once I have a sex definitely sure that would get pregnant

Before you decide to have a baby, consult a gynecologist first. Pain during intercourse its a sign of possible infection or other matter, that must be diagnosed at first place. That also may be a cause of not getting pregnant. Once a week, twice a week etc its not the case. After treatment find out Your fertile days and have intercourses during this period to have a baby.

even 21 times a week possible if couple has high libido. To get pregnant even one intercourse in a lifetime can be enough.

Pain during sex can be caused by alot of things most are internal which in this case she needs to see a gynacologist URGENTLY lack of proper lubrication can also cause pain in this case use a lubricant you can find them at the pharmacy fore play is also important to stimulate her brain prepare her body for copulation/sex and you can have sex as many times as you desire as long as your both comfortable with