How come wrong blood transfusion is a criminal negligence of doctor?

How come wrong blood transfusion is a criminal negligence of doctor?

In what way we should care about it? When Procedures are mostly handled by nurses?

Its our responsibility to cross check and make sure no mess happens…

Doctor is responsible for negligence caused by his/her employees.

Nursing staff would follow instructions from the treating clinicians.

Sending sample labelled correctly for cross matching, receiving the blood volume and checking for any errors is done by the doctors.

Blood transfusion notes

Are instructions to start transfusion

It’s gross negligence. The doctor is ultimately responsible for his/ her patient’s treatment.

If the nursing staff initiated transfusion on their own without consulting you then it’s different but it’s difficult to prove.

Captain of the Ship doctrine according to Medical Jurisprudence.

A nurse is just following the orders of the doctor. If you are administering anything to the patient even a single tablet for that matter it’s your job as prescriber to cross check it. Sending in blood is a far more severe thing.

Vicarious liability… respondent superior… Also in my hospital, a doctor should sign before getting a blood bag from blood bank after checking it’s details in person

Blood transfusion is to be actually done by the Doctor and not Nurse…And the Doctor is responsible for the mess…

Respondent superior. The head doctor is responsible and answerable for any negligent act by his subordinates who work under his instructions.