How competitive is pediatric neurology?

How competitive is pediatric neurology?

Very competitive because of limited residency positions… I know a guy who matched in PA with scores in low 250’s

This is not entirely true. Limited positions doesn’t make it competitive. It is one of the only specialties where the ratio of applicants and available positions in the last charting outcomes was basically one.

can we directly apply for pediatric neurology residency?? Isn’t residency required in general pediatrics before ?

Not a lot of people to apply to it. It’s not really very competitive either. According to 2020 matching outcomes, 193 applicants, 193 positions.

Raji Lakshmi It is not exactly competitive but then limited number of positions make it difficult to match into. Also, they are incredibly nitpicky when it comes to interviewing. Bcz it is a 5 year residency, they’ll look into if you have real interest in it or is it just a back up (THEY’LL KNOW IF YOU DO!!).

As stated above by lista, it is a separate residency on it own, however, many programs use 2 different ACGME codes- one for peds (1st 2 years) and the other for peds-neuro (the last 3 years). Here’s the break down of the program; PGY1 and 2- gen peds, PGY3 adult neuro, PGY4 and 5- child neuro per se.