How difficult is the NEET- PG?

How difficult is the NEET PG?

NEET PG is a higher-level exam with a high level of competition. The NEET PG exam syllabus is extensive and covers all 19 subjects that a medico studies during the MBBS. The student’s preparation time is also limited, and they must balance coursework and an internship. This leaves little to no time to prepare for the NEET PG. A student works an internship at a hospital before the NEET PG exam, and the shifts are unpredictable. A lack of preparation time combined with intense competition makes NEET PG a difficult nut to crack. At the same time, it is not impossible task to score well in the exam. Candidates only need proper preparation, planning, and consistent efforts. What matters is that you believe in yourself and work towards your goal.