How does dengue grow?

How does dengue grow?

Dengue substance is born by cutting mosquito. Male and female mosquitoes when they meet, they need protein to give eggs to the substance, and it is a human blood that is used to get protein, which causes dengue infection. Spreads.
Experts agree that the mosquito spreading dengue in Pakistan and the whole world makes its place during the monsoon rains.
The doctor who consultation the government on dengue in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa says that this mosquito spreading dengue can be raised in the temperature of 10 to 40 degrees centigrade and dies less or less in temperature. .
Aedes ạy̰jpٹy̰ mosquito eggs and locust are in clean standing water. Its very favourable environment is within the homes.

According to them, if the outside temperature is less than forty or ten, the temperature under our houses and trees is between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade.
According to the doctor, the mosquito of dengue was not found in Pakistan for a few years ago. According to them, it reached karachi from the tier coming from Malaysia. and after that it has reached another man from one person.
The Mosquito of dengue remains from September to December after the rain of monsoon, after which it has been abolished due to the non-favourable weather.
They said that there is a big cause of increase in dengue mosquito in Pakistan. There is also a lot of use of plastic.
During monsoon rains, water is collected in the plastic items in the streets, palaces, markets, gardens and recreation places. in which dengue mosquito is very fast.

Symptoms of dengue fever

According to Ayub Teaching Institute, Abbottabad, there are four types of dengue fever, however, the same kind of symptoms appear in these four.
The first sign is a severe type of headache. Other than that patient has extreme pain in muscles and couples. This pain is especially in the waist and legs.
He said that some times in the early stage of dengue fever, the skin also gets dry and soon it seems to be landing.
In addition to this, the patient gets very high fever, due to which there are unusual changes in the temperature of the body. Fast fever causes nausea and vomiting. It is common to stay in the dizzy of the patient. The nose and gum of some patients also overflow with blood.

Due to severe fever, the patient can also be discharged from the body due to which the body can be discharged from the body. This is already the condition of dengue with dengue. The virus of dengue also affects the blood flow and the heartbeat. The blood pressure and heart beat can decrease.
According to Dr. Junaid, if dengue is not treated in the initial steps, it can also prove to be a killing for the patient. They said that some times on dengue are not given much attention to the misunderstanding of another disease and the treatment. I’m delayed by which I can know.
They said that the doctor can reduce the intensity of disease as soon as the symptoms of dengue appear immediately.

Save from dengue

Experts agree that there is no time solution for rescue from dengue, but it will be a long-term struggle, in which the new experiences can be kept in front of the recent time, but it is the most important thing in the world. Introducing the way.
A busy pakistani scientist in the work of research in Brazil says that experts agree that the most dengue in the world is found in Brazil.
According to him, his shape is different from the dengue found in Pakistan or Asia’s countries, but the reason is the same mosquito.

They said that the world-based research agencies have been investigating in Brazil. Everyone agrees to fight the whole year with dengue. In this regard, the Brazilian government has started a comprehensive program in which government institutions themselves. The whole year is active and the public also creates consciousness.
The government institutions determine which areas in which dengue can spread and what are the reasons. In these areas they keep showing activity and the people also pay attention to the people that they are only two hours in a week and their own Only to protect family from dengue.
According to the doctor, it is said to the public that the children’s toys, fridge, water cooler, air cooler, o c and other items like this, clean the water on where the water can be gathered. A special idea of cleaning the house. Keep.
This is how the water in the houses, the water tank, whether it is on the roof or the earth, do not let the water stand in the roots of the septic, plants, those and trees, but also take a look at the water of the bathrooms if there is no minor If you see a minor thing, then waste this water and inform the authorities to take steps to clean this area from dengue.

They said that this way the whole Brazil has started to appear in this way.
The doctor said that there will be shortage in dengue with the end of mosquito in December, but it does not mean that the public and the institutions should sit and sit, but he will have to work all year to stop from breeding next year. .
They said that now there are different reasons in every area. Now, if the reasons are not finished, then the dengue will be destroyed every year.
According to them, the ministry is being partnered with the ministry of environmental change. in which every year it will be seen that in which areas there are more rains and long monsoon expected. In these areas, safety from July, August. For the steps, the provincial governments were released to stop the spread of dengue in these areas.
They said that the awareness campaign was continued all over the year, especially the campaign was brought to the campaign every year, in which the public will be charged with the steps to protect from dengue.