How I cleared medical entrance test

How I cleared medical entrance test (PMT;PG-MD;NBE,FNB,CCM;DNB-SS)

My schooling was in Govt school.

I never attended any tuition or coaching institute.I enjoy reading,may be ~2-3 hour daily.I usually do not read around total 5-7 days before or during entrance test.I have never read more than ~6 hours daily.I review my written notes regularly.

I read usually from first page or chapter to last page or chapter of many medical books.I always prepare my own hand written notes of all the chapter of most of books I have read.( I still have some of notes of 1985-onwards till 2017 of books,journals,may be notes of more than 50 medical books).

I read text books thoroughly for my pre medical entrance test,secured 34-42 rank in PMT of Bihar(all have 103/120 marks) in 1975 in my first attempt.

During MBBS I read Harrison’s Medicine.After MBBS ,joined as RMO in medicine department of 300 bed hospital.In next 2-4 years ,I have read separate books on Resp medicine;Nephrology;Haematology;Tropical medicine;Acid base,Water & electrolyte imbalance;Neurology;Hepato-biliary disease; most of the journals { Clinics of North America :-Medical,Cardiology,Haematological, virtually all the journals available in the hospital).

Cleared PG entrance I 1985 ,passed MD General medicine in first attempt in 1988.

I joined NATIONAL MEDICAL LIBRARY,DELHI as private member in ~1990 till now 2021.I have read separate books on most of topics covering Cardiology,Neurology,Critical Care,Respiratory Medicine,pH/electrolyte imbalance,ECG,ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY,Invasive & non-invasive ventilation.Since NML,DELHI do not issue journals,so most of them are beyond me.I regularly read journals of electro cardiology till ~2017.

I have prepared written notes of following books( as usual from 1st to last chapter):

cardiology text book :- Hurst,Braunwald + many others,

critical care text books:- Vincent’s ; Irwin Rippe‘s + many others.

Cleared NBE,FNB,CCM entrance test in first attempt in 2012.Opted out DNB NEUROLOGY in 2016,Joined DNB CARDIOLOGY in 2017,have to leave the course in 2018.

Examination,Education,Institution Mafias were involved in ruining my all higher medical education ambition.

My suggestion fo young :

MBBS at ~ 25 years,Have Clear plan for higher medical education;

Read thoroughly for ~ 10 years,( U will definitely clear all entrance test for MD,DM OR DNB-SS).Teachers will be jealous of ur knowledge.U will be far ahead of many of them in knowledge.

Professional life of 30-35 years will still remain after all your medical education of MBBS,MD,DM.

If u do not enjoy reading,then sorry, clinical medical field is not for u.

“Reading must be essential part of ur daily lifestyle”.