How is dnb paediatric at Ganga ram hospital?

How is dnb paediatric at Ganga ram hospital?

Better than peripherals. High patient load and focus is given on research work in Delhi colleges as compared to rest of the country be it MD or DNB. If you are getting it’s a really good choice.

Less hands on and less indipendent decisions as it is private hospital.

Also parents wants the consultant to see their child.

It was taken last year after the MD seats were taken up.

is the same scenario with DNB medicine also?

yes same with the medicine also

Many VIP patients come and ask to get treatment by only consultant

Less hands on procedure

I talked to someone regarding Pediatric as I was interested in it.

Not know about medicine there.

what about dnb ophthal there? Is it good I take Hindu Rao or Shroff for dnb ophthal than Ganga ram?