How is Esi IMO job? is it tough? Any esi doc here?

How is Esi IMO job?
is it tough??
Any esi doc here?

I’m IMO in ESI hospital posted at Chhattisgarh State…DrBiswaranjan Pattanaik ur friend give wrong information abt esi… No hectic &no salary low…

Is it very tough exam
I don’t know about that
Am asking for my sister
She applied it

ESI Corporation is Statutory body of Ministry of Labour and Employment Government of India.
It’s matter of pride to work as a Doctor in ESIC. You’re directly contributing to GDP of nation by treating workforce of manufacture and service industries.
ESI Scheme is largest Social Security Scheme in the World, providing Sickness Benefits, Disability Benefits, Maternal Benefits etc to it’s Beneficiaries.
Please read ESI Act 1948 from PSM by Park for More details.
IMOs are group A officers of Government of India.
Only 42 working hours a week.
Gross salary is 98kpm
I’m working in ESIC since last 4 years. Now posted at ESIC Hospital Pune.
ESIC has it’s own Medical, Dental, Nursing Colleges, PGIMSR s all across nation including Dispensaries, Multi Speciality, Superspeciality hospitals and Occupational Disease Centres.
Go ahead, exam paper is similar to typical PG entrance exam like AIIMS, NEET etc.
Interviews are same as CMS UPSC.
You’re Most Welcome to ESIC.

Administrative Duties including clinical postings in various departments as and when needed in Hospitals. Also as a medical officer in dispensaries. IMO with PG gets posting in his respective departments.

Sorry for but u r docter and talk like BA student NO WORK only 48 hr work etc we r medico and no limit to work and Mony simple Funda if it is so good why not join good student and why they leave it after some time no option other then PG if u r want become good doctor any one who sagest esic is very good why they apply for pg .