How is jipmer for obg?

How is jipmer for obg?

sir thanks for replying. Actually my college senior left it due to north south discrimination. Hence I am confused whether to join or focus for neet.

Did my UG at JIPMER. JIPMER OG is a kickass dept. Accomplished faculty, lots of hands on. Also, male JRs are usually pampered 🙂 If OG is what you want, it can’t get better than this.

Pampered means they’ll have a soft spot for you. 😂 Your nurses, consultants and seniors all. Ofc, you need to be good at what you do. … The LRs and OTs have no dearth of cases. OPDs well exceed 1 pm and are known to end even at 5pm. With so many patients, if you’re competent enough, you’ll be begging for someone to take away your cases.

Frnd of mine left the seat after one 6 months due to torture from seniors…

ya my college senior also left that for same reason…hence in dilemma…

u r ok with the language and have gud communication skills may be u can deal …plz give a try

Please find out from them what they meant by torture 🙂 As interns, we saw our JRs pull 24-36 hours days, stay till 10 pm on admission days, busy with scans and reports. We were called back at odd hours for single investigations which we found torturous, but without which the next day OT wouldn’t run. These are not ideal situations but unfortunately, this is how it is with such a work load, not just in OG, but with almost all depts in a high volume institute.

But you won’t find any physical harm/specific targeting of a JR/discrimination based on your region. (The consultants themselves range from UP/Delhi/Nagaland/Orissa/TN). You’ll be pulled up in rounds if your work is not upto the mark, until you improve or they lose hope in you. But that’s the rules of the game, so dont sign up if you cant play.

While I agree that different people have different mental fortitude, clubbing all this under “torture” seems misleading