How much chances of postponing INI-CET 21? Stress...!

How much chances of postponing INI-CET 21?


Almost nil. AIIMS have declined the request to postpone the exam. Now a PIL has been filed. Its upto the supreme court now.

0% exam INICET postponed chance because already session delayed so govt immediately action will be held exam 16 jun exactly right ✅ And otherwise decisions Central government. Thnxxxx

Inicet will be on 16/6/2021. There will be no postponement! Last year there was an even stronger plea and the exam happened. This time is no different.

So either sit and study or try next time or waste your time on this postponement bullshit.

ok let’s say we do get the admit card and the exam centers allotted are far away from your place of residence …some 5hrs drive or 7hrs drive…how are we supposed to cope with that…and restaurants are also not open coz of lockdown…and this situation isn’t hypothetical it happened last time… many of my batch mates didn’t get the center in any one of the cities they opted…instead they go it far off places

There is 100% 0 zero chance of postponement of INICET. AIIMS is a rigid body, and in the first place agar unlogon ko exam postpone krna hi rehta tho they wouldn’t have scheduled. And second SC won’t be able to postpone it either. They will ofcourse put up more strict and ruthless causes to carry on this exam right away, cz they badly need doctors to take up the load. And make us work like bulls. So guys don’t even keep a small tinge of hope that it will be postponed. Whatever it is just give it and let it go. This year haven’t been a good time for anyone ofcourse. So just leave it on them and sit for it!