How much is the phrase "A surgeon is born not made" true

How much is the phrase “A surgeon is born not made” true. Is not possible to be and expert surgeon by hard work and grit alone or do we need to have innate talent?

That phrase is true to some extent. This is not to demotivate, but just a observation. In any department, all residents are trained under same professors, same OT and use same equipment, but still, almost always you can find someone who has that " good hands" isn’t it? Practice will definitely make you a good surgeon or in better words, a “safe” surgeon, one who doesn’t inflict harm on thr patient.

But it’s only very few who can dare to operate on very high risk and challenging cases and still manage complications with ease. Those things are definitely a combination of hardwork + some inborn skill. You can easily observe this in any department or a institute…

Having said that, we need not necessarily be a extraordinary surgeon. It’s enough if we do regular surgeries with constant good outcomes for the patient. The world needs few extra ordinary surgeons,but a lot of good surgeons and one can definitely come into "good " category with dedication and practice… Hope i gave some idea .

And please dont take surgery if you have a word hectic in your dictionary,.Just don’t get fascinated by your consultants. They have worked hard to reach to that level.You can’t be a good surgeon without being a good resident.Its not alike doing medicine.You need to Crack long hours in casualty and OT and u need to b strong both physically and mentally.