How much water should I drink in summer?

How much water should I drink in summer?

Every season has its own mood and on human nature it sets different effects. As winter and summer have a unique identity, on the nature of human beings, sometimes they pass too heavy but facing the reason The journey of life is fixed and coming.

As if the weather changes, it is also a change between eating and wearing food. In the cold weather, the way the hunger increases, the dry fruits and the hot foods feel enjoying, this is how mild in summer season Food and water increase more uses which is necessary for health.

Water is a blessing of God that has no replacement. This is so important for the health of a man that he does not have to be able to do so till today. There will be a lot of water in the human body.

Importance of water in summer:
(water importance in summer)
The human body works under a system, the lack of anything in it is immediately the alarm oclock and affect health. Water with all those things is considered to be a symbol of life.
According to medical research, a normal man must drink 8 to 12 glass water in the day, the system of this sےạs is controlled. Kidney diseases are over and the best thing is to be strengthened soon Is.
The Secret of a good health of a man is a drink of more water. Especially the main reason for the drink of the water in the summer season is that the skin gets moisture and escape from being dry soon.
The Sun’s sharp sẖʿạʿy̰ں when the influence on the body and the skin is the impact of the water, the amount of water is the ability to fight it, health and skin benefit.
The sweaty is more flows in the heat of the summer and it seems to be excluded from the body’s nmḵy̰ạt, water perform the best medicine in such a situation.
Often people are having a problem of d hydration, if the water should be used as much, but if a glass of water is piya after each hours in the summer, it can be saved from the situation like d hydration.
Water Asar factors include which are very important and essential worms for human body and health. So it makes good water to drink good and cause contaminated water health error.

Water Acquisition from other sources:
(other sources to get water)
In the nature of human, it is a matter that he gets bored of the similarity, the water is nauseous in the nature of drinking water, the nature for him and the blessings that have been revealed to the human being, who will be able to get the lack of water in the body. It is very useful that the summer is very useful.

Khaira :(Cucumber)
This is the vegetable which is available for almost 80 % of the 80 % of the water is found in which the use of water can be completed in the body.

Watermelon :(Melon)
It is so good to see the watermelon that it is in a hard heat when the lips are also dry, the food wants to eat, the abundant amount of water is found in the watermelon, especially in the summer with this happy taste The lack of water is fulfilled.